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Think Yourself Thin - The Weight Is Over!

As featured in Sussex Society Magazine - August 2011

What is ‘Think Yourself Thin’?
Well, have you ever noticed how naturally thin people seem to love their food and are able to eat whatever and whenever they like without taking it to excess and piling on the pounds? They just eat when they feel hungry and stop when they are full. On the flip side, you might recognise the idea that it seems as though you only have to think about chocolate to put on weight. Did you know that fat cells are programmed to be remarkably good at attracting even more fat making it notoriously hard to kick start weight loss when already overweight? 

The latest innovation in weight loss hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind to help you think (and eat) like a naturally thin person. My specifically tailored ‘Think Yourself Thin’ programme works with clients’ own needs to get to the root of their issues and develop a thin person’s approach to thinking about food, eating and exercise. You attend for 4 sessions that fit in with your busy life and your commitments individually or in a group – it’s up to you! You’ll be given hypnosis recordings to use in between your sessions to deepen and embed your new way of thinking. You will only be weighed and/or measured as part of the process if you choose to be and there is never any public sharing of information – unless you share it yourself! 

Does it work?
Yes! In recent years, several high profile celebrities have turned to hypnotherapy to help them successfully lose weight. Sophie Dahl and Geri Halliwell both enjoyed great weight loss with hypnotherapy and in 2009, Lily Allen talked publicly in interviews about re-programming her mind using hypnosis and subsequently dropping 3 dress sizes. 

How can you be sure it really works?
Using the programme on clients and on myself, I have seen the impact first-hand. Client testimonials are on the Success Stories page to help you decide if it is for you. 

I’ve battled with my weight for 20 years and had honestly given up hope of ever losing weight as the more I tried, the harder it seemed to be to shift even a few pounds and very often I gained more. Using the programme I have devised through working with real life clients, I easily shed 4 dress sizes and weight I had held onto for far too many years; in fact I lost 6 stone in 10 months (about 92lbs) and improved my health and arthritis hugely - it genuinely could not have been easier. I have maintained this loss for 3 years now and I’m just about to embark on ridding myself of the next 5 stone that I still have to lose. I even sold my old clothes on eBay and made back what the programme costs! 

Do you offer a hypnotic gastric band?
Yes! You can get a hypnotic gastric band which may help you achieve your ideal weight with none of the risks of surgery and at a considerable saving on the cost. If you choose it, this can be used as part of the programme.

Ok, so you say it works...but HOW?
The best hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I teach you to work with this in mind and give you a set of set of skills you can use for the rest of your life in a variety of situations. 

Hypnosis is not a weird altered state and you won’t lose control but it is a lot more than just ‘thinking positive’. You naturally go in and out of hypnotic states several times a day and I just utilise this ability, teaching you how to access it on demand. Hypnosis re-educates your unconscious mind and, with your permission, overwrites habitual responses or instincts with more helpful ones. You learn to take deliberate control of the way you feel by relaxing, recalling positive feelings and rehearsing new patterns of thought or behaviour. Hypnosis actually changes your emotional reaction to issues and ideas and the best part is that you get to choose how you want to react to those things in the future. 

Ok, I’m tempted...but how much does it cost?
The easy bit!

4 individual sessions lasting 50 minutes each - £300 all in, including hypnotic gastric band if wanted

4 group sessions lasting 1 hour each - £125 all in per person. Plus £65 for hypnotic gastric band in an individual session if wanted

No need to weight – BOOK TODAY! I can usually see clients in the same week as you ring to book!



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