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Neuroscience-informed Solution-Focused Psychotherapy
is the key to your breakthrough from...

  • negative emotions and dark clouds that seem to follow you around
  • limiting beliefs blocking the changes you want to make
  • stress levels going through the roof
  • anxiety getting in the way of your day-to-day life
  • self-confidence sinking to subterranean depths
  • depression leaving you exhausted and ill
  • almost every emotional and behavioural problem including addictions, phobias and compulsions and many health symptoms

Solution-focused psychotherapy uses and combines the best and most powerfully effective techniques informed by neuroscience and cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal psychology to help you break free from the unnecessary restraints holding you back and get rid of those unwanted problems. It allows us to rebuild the foundations of our own ways of thinking and reveals to us our own incredible resourcefulness.

Combined with expertly-delivered hypnotherapy, it is a wonderfully revitalising therapy which does not require any painful 're-living' of difficulties. It never dwells on what has 'gone wrong' in the past but focuses on how we can develop resilience and optimism for the
present and the future. Solution-focused hypnotherapy brings you clarity and a renewed sense of control, leaving you feeling really empowered and motivated to move forward to your new life.

Hypnosis is a trance state. We all go into 'trance' naturally many times a day when we are engrossed in an activity (for example, doing our favourite sport, watching a film, reading a book, day-dreaming) making hypnosis a familiar and comfortable method of helping you to access your own huge store of resources. There are no 'magic words', swinging watches or looking into my eyes! You will enjoy the sessions and will benefit hugely from them.

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