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Some success stories from people who have made their breakthrough...

Thanks so much for your input in the lead up to my presentation. The talks were a great success! AND I enjoyed doing them, which is a great relief. I am feeling really good and seem to have my anxiety pretty much under control. Thank you!
Natalie, Seaford

I'm still playing the piano...the summer concerts went well, thanks also to you and your help!
Elle, Italy

Thank you again for everything you have done for / with me - I certainly wouldn't be in the good position I am without your support and work.
Ruby, Brighton

Thank you for getting me on the right path and giving me so much help and support. I cannot thank you enough. You are so talented at your profession and I will always recommend you. Many, many thanks for your tremendous support.
June, Haywards Heath

I felt really positive simply talking over my weight issues and unhealthy eating habits with an unbiased, professional person who I felt could actually help. Sharie was really easy to talk to and before long we were chatting away about all sorts but with one recurring theme - my now teenage 'baby weight' and why I couldn't even walk past a newsagent’s without a finger of fudge beckoning me in! I would usually cave in and buy at least one and eat it either really slowly or really quickly depending on my mood at the time.
DID IT WORK? Absolutely - 4 weeks down the line and I can honestly say chocolate no longer beckons. I have had not even one finger of fudge since my chocolate aversion therapy began and although I would like to say it was a struggle and how strong I have been, it really hasn't been difficult - I simply haven't had the urge for chocolate at all.
Rachel Boyle, Editor ABC


Since I have seen you I have had no chocolate nor have I had any cravings for it. I have actually used the sentence "No thanks, I don't eat chocolate," when offered samples when I went to get chocolate to take back to my parents. It is quite amazing!
Jane, Devon (2 weeks after session)

I've lost at least 10lbs in 5 weeks.
Helen, Shoreham

I've lost 3lbs in the first week. I didn't think it was going to work but there you go!
Kelly, Bolney

I've only had one migraine in recent months and so have stopped worrying about the whole thing. I really have little idea how it's happened, am just very grateful to you that it has! Smoking had become precisely and irresistibly tied to an oncoming migraine and I always gave in because it was the only thing that ever helped. Now, no migraines - no cigarettes! Not trying to stop at all,  it's just as if they don't exist. Extraordinary and completely unexpected. And thank you!
Susan, Hove


Before I began hypnotherapy, my attitude was curious and open, yet tinged with a little scepticism but from my very first session with Sharie, I felt a powerful shift occur in the specific area we had focused on. The original painful memory and its ensuing damaging beliefs and behaviours seemed intrinsically altered at a deep and lasting level. Instead of diminishing over time, these positive changes have magnified and deepened, bringing benefits I had not considered possible before. This technique really works from within, it doesn't just repair or explain, it actually alters faulty beliefs and for me it has proved a transformative and highly engaging process.
Ruth Lawrence


Just writing to let you know that I've had to cut my nails - with clippers! Fair talons they are now. Thanks for the help.
Jane, Brighton

From the start I felt very comfortable discussing my issues with Sharie. I realised that all my problems (not sleeping for one) were probably based on anxieties which had got out of control. Each session we talked through each area and then I was taken into a state of deep relaxation whilst still being conscious of my surroundings. After the very first session I had a definite 'Breakthrough' and have had two further sessions with good results. I can highly recommend this type of therapy with Sharie.
MK, Sussex

My sleep problems had gone on for years and I woke almost every night at around 2am, worrying and re-living difficult work situations. This had really started to interfere with my professional and personal life. Sharie’s velvet voice and confident and reassuring manner ensured I had a wonderful experience of hypnosis and after only 1 session, I was able to go back to sleep within minutes of waking at night and after only 3 sessions, I stopped waking at night altogether. Everyone should try Sharie’s sessions.
Mr J, Haywards Heath

My sleep has improved tremendously recenty and, on Sunday just gone, I woke and felt 'normal' for the first time in what seems like a long time. So, thank you very, very much.  I get off to sleep a lot easier now.  If I wake in the night and go to the loo (usually just once) I go back to sleep fairly quickly. I have more energy so do more as a result and my thinking is a lot sharper.  I've even started the punishing workout again! Thank you, again, Sharie.  I'm ever so grateful.
Michelle, Surrey

You've sorted my sleep - it's amazing and exactly as you said it would be. Thank you. And now you've sorted my fear of spaces and falling over. I crossed the road the other day on my own for the first time since I can remember and I walked the dog by myself. Thank you.
Brenda, Surrey


Sharie, thank you so much for all your help in stopping my panic attacks. It has made life so much easier. You’re the best!
P.S. I may come for a ‘top up’ in the future.
Peter, Storrington

I first visited Sharie in the Summer of 2008 having suffered from panic attacks for many years. I had been on low dose medication for some time, and while reassured by my GP, I had concerns about becoming dependent on this medication. Hypnotherapy was an option I had not considered previously. The sessions started with a frank discussion about my ‘condition’ and an explanation about how hypnotherapy worked, and that this was not the hypnosis that made you jump up and shout out ‘bananas’ when someone mentioned a key word or phrase! I was made to feel very calm, and was taken on a ‘journey’ which started with visualisation of calm, natural surroundings. Sharie’s voice was very soothing. The next stage can best be described as intense relaxation. I did not feel I was out of control at any time, and often was very aware of my surroundings. On ensuing occasions I felt as though I had gone into a much deeper relaxation. The sessions lasted about one hour, including talk, preparation, relaxation, visualisation, suggestion, and at the end of the session I felt utterly refreshed. As a result of the therapy I no longer suffer from panic attacks and have subsequently revisited Sharie for ‘top ups’ and had hypnotherapy to help problems with sleep, with great results. For me it was not spiritual or magical, but offered practical solutions for everyday problems and I would thoroughly recommend it.
Mr W, Brighton

The session I had with Sharie came at just the right time. I felt listened to, cared about and very supported. Sharie brings a great deal of experience and expertise to her work. Her focused yet gentle approach helped me to make the most of opportunities to step forward with my plans confidently. A very safe pair of hands. I highly recommend her.
Emma Houldsworth

I was dreading turning fifty and felt like everything was being held under a very dark cloud. Your understanding, compassion and practical solutions completely transformed my outlook and I had a fabulous fiftieth! My sister was so impressed at the change in me that she is booking up to see you as soon as possible. Thank you!
Ms F, Eastbourne
When Sharie suggested hypnotherapy at a time when I was not sleeping and was suffering from high levels of anxiety due to stress I was sceptical. Never having been hypnotised before I was not sure what to expect. Sharie was brilliant at explaining the whole process and made me feel very relaxed. I found our session to be a surprisingly very pleasant experience. After trying the technique at home a few times using the specially prepared CD I was sleeping like a baby and was able to manage my anxiety more effectively. Sharie is amazing and has helped me take a new less stressful path in life….thank you.

Mrs B, Brighton

SKYPE Feedback: Poor Sleep, Nightmares and Generalised Anxiety
1st Session 

Just to say thank you for your help. I had the best sleep I have had in a long time last night and slept until 9.30 this morning. Thanks for the AWARE card this will be great tool for me; it just is so simple and I feel this will help me and banish the power it has had over for me for too long now. I like the 90%-10% which makes so much sense to me. I would love another session with you as I have reaped the benefits today and done things today I haven’t done for months without even a second thought. 

2nd Session:
My sleep has been much better and I’ve had no nightmares. After our session, I got everything sorted with the person we talked about and I’m feeling much better about it. I’d like to work on my over-eating next with you.

3rd Session:
This was amazing, best yet and already working - no sneaky picks last nite. My self-talk has been going on today - a bit of a fight going on but I have been putting it right in its place. I had the greatest sleep and lie in today and have that glow to my face already. My husband has noticed already. Thanks so much.

Mrs M, Fife

I hope my clients' feedback is helpful for you. Many of them are willing to give 1 to 1 feedback to potential clients - please let me know if you would like me to arrange this.

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